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Best Price Creative Playthings – Andover – Swingset Paradise

Best Price Creative Playthings – Andover – Swingset Paradise

Swingset Paradise offers the best Price on the Creative Playthings Andover wooden swing set. You get FREE SHIPPING and a discount on swing set assembly when you use The Assembly Pros to install your new playset.  The Andover pictured with Swing Beam and Chain Accessories. The Top Ladder (Monkey Bars) and Rope Accessories also available.

  • 15 Year Limited Warranty
  • Constructed with Southern Yellow Pine and preserved with NatureWood® ACQ® (non toxic wood treatment)
  • Factory Stained & Sealed
  • Thru-Bolted Flush-Fit Hardware
  • Vinyl Tent
  • Heavy Duty 3 Position Swing Extension
  • Sling Swing & Ring Trapeze with Rope
  • Back-to-Back Glider with Rope
  • 8′ Wave Slide
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Cargo Climber
  • Safety Hand Grips
Best Price Gorilla Playset – Blue Ridge Chateau – Swingset Paradise

Best Price Gorilla Playset – Blue Ridge Chateau – Swingset Paradise

Swingset Paradise offers the best Price on a Gorilla Blue Ridge Chateau wooden swing set.  You get free shipping and a discount on swingset assembly when you use The Assembly Pros to install your new set.  The Gorilla’s Blue Ridge Chateau playground playset is constructed of premium rot-resistant lumber. This playground system includes a fun ten foot green wave slide, a rock wall with a climbing rope for entry, a built-in sandbox and picnic table, and a three position swing set with powder-coated chains. Children can play, climb and grow with this safe, wooden playground. This sturdy playset requires practically no maintenance and is covered by a ten-year guarantee on lumber.

Best Price on Gorilla Big Skye II Playset – Swingset Paradise

Best Price on Gorilla Big Skye II Playset – Swingset Paradise

Huge Gorilla Swingset installed by The Assembly Pros in Medford NJ.  The swingset was purchased from Swingset Paradise.

Buy a swing set from Swingset Paradise and receive a discount on the swing set installation. The Big Skye II has added new features, for added space to play!  It has a wood roof with sunbursts, dormers, and chimney, 2 play decks, 2 swings, 1 trapeze bar, 10′ wave slide, tube slide, scoop slide, rock wall with climbing rope, step ladder, climbing rope ladder, built-in picnic table, sandbox with mesh cover, and 6 accessories! Also, SPECIAL BONUS: 2 seat Glider Swing!

Used Swingset with Fort – Swingset Paradise Classified

Used Swingset with Fort – Swingset Paradise Classified

2005-2006 swingset/fort

County: Hillsborough County

Location: Florida

Price: $995.00

This swing set has 3 swing capability.  A Fort with a slide and a green canvas top (over the fort.  Tandem swing, monkey bar and baby seatswing included.   Removal and set-up is buyers responsibility.
Swingset Paradise classified – Cedar Works Swingset – Sale

Swingset Paradise classified – Cedar Works Swingset – Sale

Custom Cedar Works swingset.  This set has just been completely refurbished and is in like new condition.  Purchasing a new cedar works set today similar to this one would cost well over $6000.  Just recently power-washed and stained!  All hardware checked and tightened.
– 4 interchangeable levels – Heave duty blue spiral tube slide – 8ft blue wave slide – 2 Brand new belt swings – 1 Trapeze bar – Aluminum easy climb access rungs – Heavy duty blue tarp roof – Telescope – Steering wheel – Safety handles
Delivery within 20 miles of 08053
Christmas Eve delivery available for $400 Christmas morning delivery available for $500 Any other delivery date available for $275
Delivery includes minor leveling up to 6″ and anchoring with 6 anchors

The Assembly Pros in Costa Rica – Swingset Paradise

The Assembly Pros in Costa Rica – Swingset Paradise

While vacationing in Costa Rica last week The Assembly Pros captured this picture of a Playground on the way to the JW Marriott outside of Tamarindo Costa Rica.  The Playground was hand made out of free materials found around town.  I guess you could say it is a Eco friendly swingset.  Costa Rica is beautiful.  The Assembly Pros have built and installed several swingsets for customers who own vacation homes in Costa Rica.  Pura Vida!

Swingset Maintenance – Swingset Paradise

Swingset Maintenance – Swingset Paradise

Every used swing set or playground should have annual maintenance program to avoid playground injuries. A consistent preventative maintenance program will help prevent swingset equipment from malfunctioning and causing playground injuries.  There are over 200,000 injuries requiring emergency room treatment annually on public playgrounds.  Most injuries are caused by non-compliant equipment and events, inadequate maintenance, and problems with playset surfacing. Public and private schools and church playgrounds are considered public playgrounds, and must comply with the current standards and guidelines for commercial playgrounds.

Used Swing set Maintenance – Check how often

Protect your swing set investment with a program of annual maintenance. You should annually check to make sure that bolts and fasteners are tightened properly and are not loose.  You should check structural components for aging or warping.  Wooden swingsets should be resealed biennial to protect your used play equipment from the outdoor elements. With proper care, your kids’ swing set will provide a lifetime of safe enjoyment.

Used Playground Maintenance – Check how often

It is recommended that all public playgrounds maintain a documented inspection and maintenance program periodicity depending on how frequent and intense the playground is being used.  Commercial playgrounds checks should be administered by your maintenance supervisor, playground monitors can be utilized as your first line of defense. Every day they should do a comprehensive spot check that is documented of the equipment and surfacing.  Before daily playtime, have them do a walk-through to note any obvious problems or abnormal changes in equipment. During playtime, along with their usual duties of ensuring safe play habits of the children, they should also be alert for any changes in the functioning of the equipment while it is in use.

What to Check

Swingset equipment and playground areas should be inspected for excessive wear, deterioration, stripped or loose hardware and potential hazards that could injure children. Particular attention should be given to moving parts, since wherever there are moving parts; there is the likelihood of friction and deterioration. Surfacing materials need to be maintained for the fall-height requirements of the equipment in use.

Preventative maintenance is the key to protecting our children from playground injuries. If you don’t currently have a maintenance program in place, do not delay – begin one today!

This article is authored by Brian Peterson, President of


Buying used swingset Tips – Swingset Paradise classified

Buying used swingset Tips – Swingset Paradise classified

TIPS for Buying Used Swingset

Buying a used swing set is a great way to save money. Before buying a used swing set, you should check prices of new, metal and wooden swing sets in catalogs and online. Swing Set Paradise, with its selection of new swing sets, is a very good resource for getting an idea of what a new wooden or metal swing set will cost.

Here are some important points to consider when purchasing a used swing set:

1.) You should measure the area of your yard where the swing set will go.

2.) Wooden swing sets are usually larger than metal swing sets, so if space is limited, shop for used metal swing sets.

3.) Make sure you ask questions before making a purchase. Find out who manufactured the swing set, as well as the age of the swing set. Find out if there is any wood rot or decay.

4.) Ask if there is any insect holes and if the accessories are in good condition. If you will be purchasing a metal swing set, ask if there are any rust spots or holes.

Once you decide on a swing set you will need to find a company to unassemble, move, and reassemble the swing set in your area. See our installation services for an installer in your area. Now that you have some tips on buying a used swing set, start browsing Swingset Paradise used swingset section to find a swing set in your area.

Please Note: The used swing set listing is for the convenience of our customers. Swing Set Paradise has not reviewed or verified the swing sets listed and will not be responsible for the condition of the used swing sets. The buyer will be able to communicate directly with the seller via e-mail to determine condition of swing set and purchase arrangements. The transaction will be the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller.