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Day: December 4, 2015

Best Swing Sets for You in 2016

Best Swing Sets for You in 2016

What are the best Swing Sets? What Swing Sets do you recommend? These are two questions that if i had a nickel for every time I heard this, I would not be selling swing sets!! So it dawned on me that maybe I could write something to help answer some common questions as well as give parents some areas of focus when deciding on the best swing set. Best swing sets for you may not be the best swing set for someone else. I know when I am helping someone find that perfect swing set, I have a couple questions I ask first to get the feel for exactly what they are looking for.

What is your Budget?

First and foremost before all else… It will narrow down the selection greatly(depending on how big the range is of course.) Anyone who has looked online at swing sets knows you can spend $400 or $4000, and much more! So if the have an idea of a limit, this is a great way to start. I would not recommend looking for the cheapest swing set you can find. Just like anything else you buy: You get what you paid for. Honestly spending under $800 is really not even realistic. Yes there are plenty of models for under this price and not all are horrible, but most of them are designed terrible making installation a nightmare(believe me I install them everyday) and use inferior wood and hardware. Swing sets under the $800 tend to use 2×4’s instead of 4×4’s as main supports and posts. Floor boards will also be thinner. Swing sets are generally flimsy and otherwise not a good buy unless its for a child under 2 years of age. I recommend buying something built with 4×4’s.  One that uses 4×4’s as main supports is a good indication of the overall quality of the wood and swing set in general. There are some decent models that use 2×4’s, which may suit some parents with younger kids. Again the best swing sets are what fits your criteria.

What kind of roof do you want?

May sound not that important but I find 99% of parents have a definitive preference when asked this. There are basically two options. There are wood roofs and then Vinyl or Sunbrella style canopys. A wood roof tends to be the more popular choice. Most parents just love the look of a wood roof with shingles. Many also come with a chimney or dormers atop as well. The wood roof also seem to last longer and be more durable in strong weather. Wood roofs typically will cost more then a vinyl or Sunbrella style roof. Also if you are paying for professional installation many installers charge more since they can add from 30mins-hour+ to a install.

Best Swing Sets - Gorilla Great Skye II comes in this Weston Ginger Sunbrella Colorway & many more!
Best Swing Sets – Gorilla Great Skye II comes in this Weston Ginger Sunbrella Colorway!

As for the vinyl roofs, as stated they tend to be cheaper as far as the actual swing set(from $100-$300 depending on size of roof) and possibly the installation. If you remove the vinyl canopy in the winter time for storage as you should with the swings then you will absolutely get years out of it. Also replacement tarps are easy enough to find online. I personally like the look of the canopy. Also above I mentioned Sunbrella- “A fabric made of acrylic fibers with pigmentation added prior to extrusion, offered the rich look and feel of cotton, but did not fade or degrade.” Gorilla Playsets offers almost all there models with Sunbrella options in unique colors and designs. Sunbrella is also much stronger and durable then vinyl.


What kind of features do you want?

Features are what make the best swing sets for you and set them apart from model to model.

Best Swing Sets- Backyard Discovery Traverse is an amazing Playset with a enclosed bottom and top!
Backyard Discovery Traverse is an amazing Playset with a enclosed bottom and top!

Adding different swings or attachments like monkey bars can be as important to parents as a budget. Which makes sense. Some kids love to swing- so look for a model with a glider or tire swing. Some kids are climbers- look for monkey bars or something with a big rockwall.Also many parents look for a playhouse style fort. One that has at least 2 enclosed walls, working windows, possibly a working door. Backyard Discovery carries tons of swing sets that have a playhouse style fort. Also worth noting is Gorilla’s Clubhouse line which has a enclosed bottom and Gorilla’s Treehouse line which was new to 2015 has a enclosed style top. Knowing your child’s likes or preferences will ultimately be a huge factor in finding the best swing sets for them.

These three things have helped me time and time again when helping parents and grandparents find that dream swing set/playset. Swing Set Paradise is always only a phone call or email away from any questions you may have. Also one other thing to consider may be your allotted space. So you may need to look at dimensions or even the layout of the swing set to be able to fit it in your space. Some swing sets can be changed or altered to be able to fit in different areas. Whatever the case the best swing sets are around the corner and are something that with a little time and research you can find!