Gorilla Navigator Playset & Installation

Gorilla Navigator Playset & Installation

Gorilla Navigator & Differences of others

Swing Set Paradise took a quick ride to Delaware to install a Gorilla Navigator Playset for a customer. Gorilla Navigator is essentially a Gorilla Chateau with the addition of monkey bars off the back. Fort is exactly the same as well as the roof options and features it has. Almost all of Gorilla’s line is the Chateau with an addition of some type of feature. Take for example the Frontier. Frontier is a Chateau with the addition of the Tire Swing off the bank. Mountaineer has a spiral slide, ect. So the play deck is the same on most: 5 foot high and 4 foot by 6 foot big. Even the bigger models such as Great Skye & Treasure Troves are a Chateau fort with a taller 7 foot high fort attached to the back. Gorillas Simplicity is what makes them a great install. Using real 4×4’s and a 4×6 swing beam they are heavy duty and the 10 year warranty on its wood backs it up.

Gorilla Navigator Deluxe (Green Vinyl Canopy) Install


Gorilla Navigator Install & Review Video

So our customers can really get the a great sense of what they are buying, Swing Set Paradise has started doing video reviews of actual swing set installations. So click the video and check out the Gorilla Navigator and see every angle while I break down everything it comes with! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for daily videos!



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