Gorilla Treasure Trove II Treehouse Playset Review 2016

Gorilla Treasure Trove II Treehouse Playset Review 2016

Gorilla Treasure Trove II Treehouse

Gorilla Treasure Trove II Treehouse Swing Set Paradise Swing Set Review
Gorilla Treasure Trove II Tree house Swing Set Paradise. ON SALE NOW for $3849!

Treehouse/Fort & Swing Beam Layout

Treasure Trove II Treehouse. Gorilla’s biggest model boasting tons of amazing features. Essentially Treasure Trove II is a Gorilla Great Skye II with a addition of a clatter bridge leading to a front fort with Wiki Wave Slide. Treasure Trove II Tree house has a massive main fort with 2 different deck heights. Climb into the main fort via ladder or rock wall. Front main fort is 5 ft. high measuring 4 ft. deep by 6 ft. wide. Kids can climb into a taller back 7 ft. high fort measuring 2.5 deep by 6 ft. deep. Off the taller 7 ft. back fort is a HUGE Super Spiral Slide as well as a MASSIVE 14 ft. Commercial Scoop Slide. The funniest slide I have ever been down! In this main fort are tons of amazing activities that will keep a number of kids engaged and having fun for a long time! Check the link for a full list. Underneath the main fort is a sandbox area with 2 corner seats and a half picnic table built in. Treehouse add on is a front enclosure with 2 working windows which open and close. a beautiful gable sets the look off adding to the side dormers and chimney. Clatter bridge is a personal favorite feature and kids seem to really enjoy it. This fun bridge was given a safety netting for 2016 making it super fun and safe! Once across you enter a smaller 5 ft. high fort with a Wiki Wave Slide leading out! As with all Gorilla models comes with a solid 4×6 swing beam with 3 positions for swings. Swing Set includes heavy duty 2 belt Swings and Trapeze bar.


Gorilla Treasure Trove II Treehouse Playset Install New Jersey Swing Set Paradise
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Treasure Trove II Treehouse Features/Spec.

Gorilla Playsets are built with only premium cedar wood which is rot/insect resistant. Boards are thick unlike competitors which flex with small children play on them, I a 200 lbs. man can walk around when assembling them with no flex in floor! Swing Beam is a massive 4×6 solid beam and all main posts are solid 4×4 beams. All of this beautiful cedar is assembled with heavy duty 3/8 & 5/16 hardware! Other companies use 1/4 inch! All of this leads to a industry leading warranty of 10 years on its wood!

Up Close view of Treehouse edition!

Gorilla Treasure Trove II Treehouse Swing Set Features:

  • Dimensions: 27’W x 27’6”D x 13’H
  • Wiki Wave Slide
  • 7′ Radical Ride Tube Slide
  • Commercial Grade Super Scoop Slide
  • Rock Wall with Climbing Rope
  • Deluxe Rope Ladder
  • Clatter Bridge & Tower
  • Safe Entry Ladder
  • 2 Belt Swings
  • Trapeze Swing
  • Built-In Picnic Table
  • Sandbox
  • Bonus Sandbox Under Tower
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Panel
  • Steering Wheel
  • Play Telescope
  • Available with Tongue & Groove Wood Roof featuring Dormers and a Chimney
  • Upper Level Treehouse with Working Shutters and a Sunburst
  • Tongue & Groove Wood Roof covering Tower
  • 4×4 Posts & Main Beams
  • 4×6 3-Position Swing Beam
  • Posts and Beams Available in Maintenance-Free Timber Shield or Cedar with Amber Finish
  • *NEW OPTION for Monkey Bar Add on!


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*For a better look check out our video reviews where I take you through this model and many more on our YouTube Channel!

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