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Gorilla Chateau Western Ginger (Sunbrella) Review + VIDEO

Gorilla Chateau Western Ginger (Sunbrella) Review + VIDEO

Gorilla Chateau Western Ginger (Sunbrella) Review + VIDEO

Gorilla_Chateau_Western_Ginger_(Sunbrella Canopy)_Install.
Gorilla Chateau Western Ginger (Sunbrella Canopy) Install.

Beautiful Gorilla Chateau Western Ginger Playset Review and video. Check it out! Swing Set Paradise here again. This is a first time for us, installing a Gorilla Chateau Western Ginger Canopy.

Gorilla Chateau Western Ginger Look

Customer chose Classic All Cedar framing finished in a beautiful Amber color matching the rest of the wood. This went PERFECT with the Western Ginger Canopy. The Look of the Western Ginger is seen much better in the video, but it is a striped pattern with tan, green, and red. Very different, VERY cool. The Sunbrella Fabric is much more durable then the standard deluxe version and comes in a second color: Canvas Forest Green. Gorilla Chateau Deluxe version has a green vinyl canopy. Gorilla Chateau also comes in a standard wood roof which is more common and adorns a chimney and two dormers. Keep in mind that a wood roof on any of the Gorilla models adds an additional $200-$250 to the price. These roof options are standard in many Gorilla Playset models including: Frontier, Navigator, Mountaineer, Pioneer Peak, Great Skye I & II, and Treasure Trove I & II.

Overall Impressions of Gorilla Chateau Playset

Gorilla Chateau no matter what roof or canopy is a classic model and will remain one of the most popular swing sets on the market. Packed with a features like: Telescope, Rope Ladder, Steering Wheel, Tic-Tac-Toe game, 2 Belt Swings, Trapeze, Rock Wall, Ladder, Half Picnic Table, 2 Corner Seats in sand box area, and more. Its finished with 2 flags out front and just looks great. Comes is two framing options(all 4×4’s and 4×6 swing beam): Classic Cedar finished in Amber color(show here) & Gorilla Playset’s trademarked Timber Shield, each at no additional cost. Gorilla’s Timber Shield is a maintenance free framing. The 4×4’s and swing beam are treated and covered in a thick green polyethylene casing protecting them from rot and the elements. The green polyethylene is treated and UV-resistant so it wont fade down the line. Now this customer choose the Amber Cedar posts which still holds up in the elements and is a preferred look by some. Either option comes with Gorilla’s Legendary 10 Year Warranty on its wood! Amazing, so whatever option you choose you’ll be covered for 10 years. Check the video below for a virtual tour of the Gorilla Chateau Western Ginger Playset.


For more information of the Gorilla Chateau or to purchase click the links in blog or here: Gorilla Chateau Info/Purchase

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Gorilla Chateau Swing Set Installed

Gorilla Chateau Swing Set Installed

Hey everyone! It’s Bill from Swing Set Paradise. As we approach everyone’s favorite time of year- Christmas, and with weather being generally warmer were getting tons of calls for swings sets. We teamed up with our favorite Swing Set Assembly Company – The Assembly Pros to make sure all these kids have that perfect Swing Set ready for action on Christmas Day! They having been doing swing set assembly for almost a decade! I headed out to Royersford, Pennsylvania to install a beautiful Gorilla Chateau Swing Set for our buddy Ryan’s daughters.

Gorilla Chateau Swing Set Installed , Gorilla Chateau Playset

He choose a wood roof Gorilla Chateau Swing Set with Timber Shield. Timber Shield is exclusive to Gorilla Swing Sets. Using a green-colored plastic coating that completely seals all the main posts and swing beam from the elements and making it maintenance free(no stain needed). Timber Shield combined with Gorilla’s use of high quality wood & hardware is the reason I recommend the Gorilla Chateau Swing Set to all my customers looking for a swing set there family can grow into and is affordable. Ryan choose the most popular roof option- the wood roof. Wood roof features a chimney, 2 dormers on each side as well as sunbursts. Gorilla Chateau Swing Set comes in multiple roof options- Green Vinyl, Sunbrella Fabric (Forest Green & Western Ginger colors), wood roof. Gorilla Chateau Swing Set has a list of features as long your kids Christmas list! Including a half picnic table, rope ladder, Wiki Wave Slide, rock wall, ladder, 2 belt swings, 1 trapeze wing, 2 corner seats for sandbox, tic-tac-toe game, telescope, & so much more. Visit Swing Set Paradise today to check out Gorilla Chateau Swing Set Today! Currently all Gorilla Swing Sets are on sale, so hurry! As always FREE Shipping!