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Gorilla Navigator Swing Set Installation Review

Gorilla Navigator Swing Set Installation Review

Gorilla Navigator Playset (Front View) - ON SALE Swing Set Paradise
Gorilla Navigator Playset (Front View) – ON SALE Swing Set Paradise

Swing Set season is upon us! First playset install of 2016 could not have gone to a better deserving family and the made the super great decision of getting the Gorilla Navigator Playset. They asked Swing Set Paradise for some help in Assembling it and we called our go to team- The Assembly Pros who cover New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, & Maryland. We came back with a great video and some pictures that will help our customers get a better look at the Gorilla Navigator.

Gorilla Navigator Swing Set right side view
Gorilla Navigator Swing Set (right side view) On sale only at Swing Set Paradise

Gorilla Navigator Review

Gorilla Navigator comes through with classic high quality cedar wood and hardware backed by Gorilla Playset’s amazing 10 year warranty. Main play deck measure a good size of 4ft. by 6ft. perfect for any family with one or multiple kids to grow into. Off the front is a Wiki Wave Slide that Gorilla made the wise choice of using standard on all models for 2016 as well as a rock wall with climbing rope. Inside the fort there are a ton of features and things for kids to do. Navigator comes with a telescope, steering wheel, tic tac toe game, and more. Underneath the fort is a sandbox area with 2 corner seats as well as a built in picnic table! Off the left side of the fort is a ladder with safety handles for easy entry and a challenging rope ladder great for building upper body strength. Now on the back of the Navigator Playset are the signature Monkey Bars. These are made with premium cedar 4x4s and super thick green metal rungs. Also has a pair of metal dark green safety handles to help kids get up. Parents are given the option of removing two slats in the fort so kids can climb into the play deck or leave them on for safety. The left side of the swing set has a 3 position swing beam including 2 belt swings and 1 trapeze bar. Swing beam itself is made with a indestructible 4×6.

Gorilla Navigator Swing Set (Rear View) swing set paradise
Gorilla Navigator Swing Set (Rear View) Swing Set Paradise offers NO TAX(except NJ) & FREE Shipping

Final Thoughts Gorilla Navigator

All and all this is one of my favorite playsets from Gorilla Swing Sets. Comes in multiple roof option: Wood Roof, Green Vinyl(Deluxe), Canvas Forrest Green Sunbrella or Brannon Redwood Sunbrella. Navigator also comes in two framing options Timber Shield and Classic Cedar Posts finished in matching Amber finish. This is a great swing set for the money and perfect for anyone’s little climber! Built to last for your family to grow with. You will have this set for over 8 years even without taking care of it. I always highly recommend gorilla to all my customers for these reasons. Also Gorilla is one of the easier companies to assemble. It’s straight forward design and instructions allowed us to complete it in 3.5 hours. I would expect a homeowner and friend to complete in 7 hours.


Swing Set Paradise offers FREE SHIPPING on ALL Swing Sets & NO TAX on ALL states except New Jersey. Check our clearance section for swingsets like the Navigator and other ones like it!

Also Check out our YouTube channel for the video of the Gorilla Navigator from that day and others!





Gorilla Playsets – New 2016 Swing Set Line

Gorilla Playsets – New 2016 Swing Set Line

Gorilla Playsets NEW Swing Set Line for 2016 is here!!

Lowest Price Gorilla Nantucket Playset -Swing Set Paradise Gorilla Swing Sets
Gorilla Nantucket Playset w/ Wiki Wave Slide NEW 2016

For 2016 there were a ton of changes. Gorilla Playsets added new models and NEW options, some Swing Sets were discontinued, and any model with a wood roof got a face lift. One of the awesome things we at Swing Set Paradise loved is that ALL Gorilla Playsets for 2016 now come with a super high grade Wiki Wave Slide. Previously most models already came with this but there were a couple models that did not: Gorilla Cadence Playset, Gorilla Nantucket Playset, and Gorilla Double Down Playset. All of these models are Super popular because of their price range especially the Gorilla Nantucket and the Gorilla Double Down Swing set’s. For 2016 Gorilla Playsets gave all a small adjustment to wood roof models by adding a green sunburst to accent the 2 dormers and front sun burst as well. Very cool!

Lowest Price Gorilla Mountain Ridge Playset NEW for 2016
Gorilla Mountain Ridge Playset NEW for 2016








Gorilla Playsets added and discontinued some Swing Sets. Gorilla DUO Playset, Gorilla Woodbridge Playset and Gorilla Riverview Playset were all discontinued. We were surprised end to the Riverview Playset until we saw its successor – Gorilla Mountain Ridge Playset. Gorilla Mountain Ridge Playset is a beautiful edition to any families backyard with a unique roof line sits a chimney and 2 side dormers and a huge sunburst out front. A fully enclosed Treehouse up top with 2 working windows out front and a Fort-Ad on,which encloses the back wall in Treehouse, this has playhouse fun written all over it! Swing Set Paradise is super excited to have this on our product line! Get it today all Swing Sets are Shipped Free and most states have NO tax.

Gorilla HighPoint Playset NEW 2016 - Swing Set Paradise
Gorilla HighPoint Playset NEW 2016






Gorilla Playsets also added – Gorilla High Point Swing Set, & Gorilla High Crest Swing Set. Both sets are right around $1000 and perfect for smaller yards and younger kids. Gorilla High Point Playset is a A-Frame style fort with a 4 ft. high deck. Tons of features on it: telescope, paneled tic-tac-toe, rope ladder, 2 belt swings, trapeze bar, Wiki Wave Slide, rock wall, a red punching, and more. Also comes with Gorilla’s amazing 10 Year warranty on its wood! Gorilla High Crest Swing Set is very cool and very new! Perfect for smaller yard. Gorilla High Crest is super unique coming with a curved rock wall (much like Gorilla Hemisphere Playset), sandbox area under fort, Wiki Wave Slide, telescope, tic-tac-toe game, 2 belt swings, trapeze, 2 working windows and a cool looking roof. Gorilla High Crest Playset is finished with a Redwood color and comes also with 10 year warranty. Both Gorilla Swing Sets are in a lower price range as well so parents can appreciate that as well!



Another huge addition was to Gorilla’s Malibu line which was started in 2015. For 2016 Gorilla Playsets added a ton of models to its Malibu line- Gorilla Malibu Navigator, Gorilla Malibu Frontier, Gorilla Malibu Treasure Trove I & II, Gorilla Malibu Pioneer Peak, Gorilla Malibu Clubhouse, and the Gorilla Malibu Clubhouse Extreme Swing Sets. Check them all out here: Gorilla’s 2016 Malibu Line – Swing Set Paradise

Swing Set Paradise offers FREE Shipping on all Swing Sets and playsets including Gorilla Playsets, Backyard Discovery, Lifetime Playsets, and MORE! We also will match or beat any competitors Gorilla Playset models price!  We also have THE most comprehensive list of qualified and professional Swing Set Installers & Assemblers. Let us make your families dream come true today!

Gorilla Malibu Pioneer Peak Playset - Swing Set Paradise
Gorilla Malibu Pioneer Peak Playset
Gorilla Frontier Swing Set Video Review after Assembly

Gorilla Frontier Swing Set Video Review after Assembly

Check out this amazing Gorilla Frontier Swing Set with wood rood & Monkey Bar Add-on Kit that Swing Set Paradise helped The Assembly Pros install! Just in time for Christmas Cheryl’s kids are ecstatic. Don’t miss Swing Set Paradise’s HUGE Holiday Sale! FREE shipping on all Swing sets & deep discounts!

Check Out Gorilla Frontier Swing Set Review Video

Gorilla Frontier Swing Set with Monkey bar add on kit
Gorilla Frontier Swing Set with Monkey bar add on kit
Gorilla Chateau Swing Set Installed

Gorilla Chateau Swing Set Installed

Hey everyone! It’s Bill from Swing Set Paradise. As we approach everyone’s favorite time of year- Christmas, and with weather being generally warmer were getting tons of calls for swings sets. We teamed up with our favorite Swing Set Assembly Company – The Assembly Pros to make sure all these kids have that perfect Swing Set ready for action on Christmas Day! They having been doing swing set assembly for almost a decade! I headed out to Royersford, Pennsylvania to install a beautiful Gorilla Chateau Swing Set for our buddy Ryan’s daughters.

Gorilla Chateau Swing Set Installed , Gorilla Chateau Playset

He choose a wood roof Gorilla Chateau Swing Set with Timber Shield. Timber Shield is exclusive to Gorilla Swing Sets. Using a green-colored plastic coating that completely seals all the main posts and swing beam from the elements and making it maintenance free(no stain needed). Timber Shield combined with Gorilla’s use of high quality wood & hardware is the reason I recommend the Gorilla Chateau Swing Set to all my customers looking for a swing set there family can grow into and is affordable. Ryan choose the most popular roof option- the wood roof. Wood roof features a chimney, 2 dormers on each side as well as sunbursts. Gorilla Chateau Swing Set comes in multiple roof options- Green Vinyl, Sunbrella Fabric (Forest Green & Western Ginger colors), wood roof. Gorilla Chateau Swing Set has a list of features as long your kids Christmas list! Including a half picnic table, rope ladder, Wiki Wave Slide, rock wall, ladder, 2 belt swings, 1 trapeze wing, 2 corner seats for sandbox, tic-tac-toe game, telescope, & so much more. Visit Swing Set Paradise today to check out Gorilla Chateau Swing Set Today! Currently all Gorilla Swing Sets are on sale, so hurry! As always FREE Shipping!

Swingset Installation – NJ, PA, DE, NY, CT – The Assembly Pros, LLC

Swingset Installation – NJ, PA, DE, NY, CT – The Assembly Pros, LLC

Let The Assembly Pros install your swingset!  In the past 8 years they have built over 5000 swingsets in NJ, PA, DE, NY and CT.  The Assembly Pros are now Swingset Paradise exclusive professional swing set installers.  Above is the Leisure Time Products – Woodridge Playset Installed by The Assembly Pros in Mahwah, NJ.  Visit The Assembly Pros at and see why they are the best swingset Installation company in the North East.




Best Price Gorilla Congo Outing III – Swingset Paradise

Best Price Gorilla Congo Outing III – Swingset Paradise

Gorilla Congo Outing III Wooden Swing Set brought from and installed by the Assembly Pros.  Swingset Paradise offers FREE SHIPPING on all their residential swing sets.  Right now on Clearance.  Click Link below:

Congo Outing III features include:

4″ x 4″ Solid Wood Framing

4″ x 6″ 2-Position Swing Beam

4′ High Play Deck: 4′ x 4′

Heavy Duty Vinyl Canopy Covering Deck

2 Swing Belts with Plastisol Coated Chains

Trapeze Bar with Rings

Wave Slide

Safe Entry Ladder with Flat Wooden Steps

Rock Wall with Climbing Rope


Steering Wheel and Telescope

Flag Kit

Safety Handles

Our Patented One-Piece A-Frame Bracket

Factory Stained & Sealed Choice Grade Cedar with an Amber Finish


Best Price Creative Playthings – Andover – Swingset Paradise

Best Price Creative Playthings – Andover – Swingset Paradise

Swingset Paradise offers the best Price on the Creative Playthings Andover wooden swing set. You get FREE SHIPPING and a discount on swing set assembly when you use The Assembly Pros to install your new playset.  The Andover pictured with Swing Beam and Chain Accessories. The Top Ladder (Monkey Bars) and Rope Accessories also available.

  • 15 Year Limited Warranty
  • Constructed with Southern Yellow Pine and preserved with NatureWood® ACQ® (non toxic wood treatment)
  • Factory Stained & Sealed
  • Thru-Bolted Flush-Fit Hardware
  • Vinyl Tent
  • Heavy Duty 3 Position Swing Extension
  • Sling Swing & Ring Trapeze with Rope
  • Back-to-Back Glider with Rope
  • 8′ Wave Slide
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Cargo Climber
  • Safety Hand Grips
Best Price Gorilla Playset – Blue Ridge Chateau – Swingset Paradise

Best Price Gorilla Playset – Blue Ridge Chateau – Swingset Paradise

Swingset Paradise offers the best Price on a Gorilla Blue Ridge Chateau wooden swing set.  You get free shipping and a discount on swingset assembly when you use The Assembly Pros to install your new set.  The Gorilla’s Blue Ridge Chateau playground playset is constructed of premium rot-resistant lumber. This playground system includes a fun ten foot green wave slide, a rock wall with a climbing rope for entry, a built-in sandbox and picnic table, and a three position swing set with powder-coated chains. Children can play, climb and grow with this safe, wooden playground. This sturdy playset requires practically no maintenance and is covered by a ten-year guarantee on lumber.

Best Price on Gorilla Big Skye II Playset – Swingset Paradise

Best Price on Gorilla Big Skye II Playset – Swingset Paradise

Huge Gorilla Swingset installed by The Assembly Pros in Medford NJ.  The swingset was purchased from Swingset Paradise.

Buy a swing set from Swingset Paradise and receive a discount on the swing set installation. The Big Skye II has added new features, for added space to play!  It has a wood roof with sunbursts, dormers, and chimney, 2 play decks, 2 swings, 1 trapeze bar, 10′ wave slide, tube slide, scoop slide, rock wall with climbing rope, step ladder, climbing rope ladder, built-in picnic table, sandbox with mesh cover, and 6 accessories! Also, SPECIAL BONUS: 2 seat Glider Swing!

The Assembly Pros in Costa Rica – Swingset Paradise

The Assembly Pros in Costa Rica – Swingset Paradise

While vacationing in Costa Rica last week The Assembly Pros captured this picture of a Playground on the way to the JW Marriott outside of Tamarindo Costa Rica.  The Playground was hand made out of free materials found around town.  I guess you could say it is a Eco friendly swingset.  Costa Rica is beautiful.  The Assembly Pros have built and installed several swingsets for customers who own vacation homes in Costa Rica.  Pura Vida!