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Vuly 2 Trampoline with Safety Enclosure
List Price:  $550
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Manufacturer:  Vuly
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About Product

The Vuly2 is a classic backyard trampoline taken to the next level! Redesigned for safety, quality, and fun in mind! With a list of features that every parent and kid will truly love!

Available in 8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft., & 14 ft.


  • The Safest Trampoline Enclosure- Made of tightly-woven Silk Terylene, the safety net on Vuly2 is designed to absorb the impact of your bounce and eliminate the risk of contact injury. You couldn't hit the frame, even if you wanted to.
  • The Goldilocks Safety Net- Vuly's Safety Net is just right. Not so loose you fall over the edge of the trampoline, and not so rigid you're injured as you bounce, it'll gently guide you back to the middle of the mat.
  • Strong for Safety- Vuly's super strong, UV-rated Silk Terylene trampoline enclosure provides supported flexibility. This net is connected tightly to the jumping mat, and won't tear when you land on it.
  • A Safe Landing- Vuly2's tightly-woven safety enclosure is designed to prevent contact with the frame. Combined with soft safety padding, the net also eliminates the chance of getting caught between springs.
  • Protects Fingers & Toes- To keep your fingers and toes safe, Vuly Trampolines are made with a fine netting to prevent catching. The holes in the trampoline net are far too small to get caught on.
  • The Gentle Net- Soft to touch, Vuly2's trampolines enclosure doesn't graze the skin or jar your joints when you crash into it. It's a gentle safety system that guides you back into the centre of the trampoline for optimal safety.
  • No Spring Access- There's no chance that your child will hit the springs or frame of a Vuly Trampoline or get their dainty fingers and toes stuck thick form trampoline padding ensures a safe bounce every time.
  • A Clever Doorway- Vuly's signature trampoline door overlaps with part of the safety net to ensure that there's no accidental contact with the frame. You don't even need to worry about closing the door properly!
  • Super Strong Frame- Vuly2's strong and sturdy galvanized and powder-coated steel frame clicks together quickly and easily for a fast installation. It's a safe and reliable addition to your backyard that's been designed to look great.
    • Free of Nuts & Bolts- Assembly of our trampoline frame is quick and easy; the pop-locks just click together. Plus, it won’t snap or come apart, even when moving your trampoline to mow.
    • Exclusive Tube Treatment- Vuly2's frame is powder coated matte jet-black, making it scratch and rust resistant. The only brand in the world to use both galvanised and powder coated tubing. Two solid rings of steel give the frame a sturdy and durable foundation that's unique in its design. Our frame will stand the test of time, even when exposed to rain, sun and wind.
  • A Vuly Bounce- Up-down tapered springs require less energy, create the best bounce for all users and alleviate pressure on joints. The Vuly2's rigid frame provides the classic bounce Vuly's famous for.
  • Load Lasting Springs- Our springs are made of high-quality galvanised steel that's been coated for total protection. That means no rust, corrosion or breakages, so we guarantee them for five years!
  • Stylish Safety Pads- Vuly2 has reversible trampoline safety pads that provide a fresh look every time you flip them over. These pads are water and UV resistant, so you can be sure they'll last.
    • Soft & Stylish- The pads on Vuly2 are designed to prevent bouncers from hitting the springs, and add a stylish touch to your backyard. Easy to flip over, they offer another level of trampoline safety.
    • Weather Resistant- Vuly's unique Bisonyl trampoline pads are water and UV resistant, so they stand up to different weather conditions and won't easily fade or disintegrate. They're designed for the outdoors.
    • Double-Sided Pads- Reversible pads provide double the style and double the lifespan. A quick flip swaps between Classic Blue and Cool Grey, which are more fade-resistant than orange, pink, red and yellow.
  • Vuly HexVex™ game mat- The best part of a Vuly Trampoline is all the games you can play on it. Solo bouncers and team players alike will have fun using the Vuly HexVex™ game mat and inventing their own games.


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