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Tips for Buying a Used Swing Set:

Buying a used swing set is a great way to save money. Before buying a used swing set, you should check the prices of new metal and wooden swing sets in catalogs and online. Swing Set Paradise, with its selection of new swing sets, is a very good resource for getting an idea of what a new wooden or metal swing set will cost.

Here are some important points to consider when purchasing a used swing set:

  • You should measure the area of your yard where the swing set will go.
  • Wooden swing sets are usually larger than metal swing sets, so if space is limited, shop for used metal swing sets.
  • Make sure you ask questions before making a purchase. Find out who manufactured the swing set, as well as the age of the swing set. Find out if there is any wood rot or decay. Ask if there is any insect holes and if the accessories are in good condition. If you will be purchasing a metal swing set, ask if there are any rust spots or holes.
  • Swing Set Paradise has a great selection of swing set accessories available to match the growth and development of your child. After you have purchased your used swing set you can update and add new accessories to it. Check out our accessories section to keep your play set age appropriate and interesting to your children.
  • Ensure to stabilize your swing set with swing set anchors. Swing Set Paradise offers a heavy duty swing set anchor kit. The most durable anchor kit on the market providing superior swing set stability for your childrens safety.

Once you decide on a swing set you will need to find a company to disassemble, move, and reassemble the swing set in your area. See our installation services page for an installer in your area.

Now that you have some tips on buying a used swing set, start browsing our used swing set listings to find a swing set in your area.

Please Note: The used swing set listing is for the convenience of our customers. Swing Set Paradise has not reviewed or verified the swing sets listed and will not be responsible for the condition of the used swing sets. The buyer will be able to communicate directly with the seller via e-mail to determine condition of swing set and purchase arrangements. The transaction will be the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller.